Kostas is a child with a very vivid imagination. In the museums and archaeological sites he visits, he very often has the impression that he sees scenes from the past come to life before his eyes. Here we see him watching - as if he were in the stadium himself - a scene from the bullfight (Taurocatapsia) at Knossos.

But one day, something even more strange happened to him. As he sat at the root of the ancient olive tree of Vouves, he suddenly found himself in a very different place! In a village whose only commonality with Vouves was Ancient Olive tree. He soon discovered he was in the world of Idaea and that the olive tree was a gateway to that world.

Our heroines, Despina and Maria, meet him as they also come through the gate from another village in Idaea and undertake to show him around and host him.

At aunt Efthymia's house, he will get to know the old Cretan hospitality.

He will eat delicious vegetables from the garden, he will learn to make stuffed vine leaves (dolmadakia) (link) and he will listen to the myth of the meeting of the god Dionysus with Ariadne

Uncle Michalis will come to the house later. From him he will learn that it is not that common for people from our world to visit Idaea. Only people with special characteristics can pass through its gates!

In the afternoon, the house is visited by the family of the son of uncle Michalis and aunt Efthymia.

Their daughter Morpho is Despina's favorite cousin. The three children will become a very close group

Uncle Michalis will guide them through the world of wine in his cellar,

and of course the next day, in the Harvest in the vineyard

and in the pressing of the grapes in the wine press

Kostas will return to our world full of enthusiasm for what he experienced and the certainty that he will soon return