Despina goes up the mountain with mom and their donkey to meet dad at the mitato.
On their way up mom tells the mth of Malotira, son of Apollo and student of the centaur Chiron

At the mitato, except for her father, Despina meets her beloved goat, Terpsi.

In the mitato they make tea and fry kaltsounia

The next day very early in the morning, they collect malotira (cretan mountain tea), very carefully…

and they talk about a danger that threatens the environment, called desertification.
Despina decides to do everything she can to make the desert land bloom again.

ON THE MOUNTAIN PATHS - The story of Malotira

Despina learns the story of the demigod Malotiras, who was killed by the god Ares, lives after all in the mountains of Crete. Her wise mother teaches her daughter (while walking, picking herbs, housekeeping and cooking together), through fairy tales, about the invaluable nature that exists around them and the ways to preserve it. The book also contains activities for the readers, recipes and uses of the malotira plant.
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